Saturday, 26 September 2009

Trash-O-Rama: The Aftermath

The second of the fortnightly parties from Trash-O-Rama and another gloriously wrecked bonanza in the diamond dive bar that is The Corner, Fallowfield. The utter bedlam of the Fallowfield streets outside set the tone just right for a trashy blur of rock 'n' roll, doity punk rock, Hacienda hands-in-the-air choons, grubby hip-hop, Marilyn Monroe, shameless pop, you name it.

This week, as promised, the residents were kind/brave enough to let me have a guest slot and it was officially BRILLIANT FUN, best DJ outing to date. Such a laugh and a great vantage point to watch all the little clubkiddies wigging oooouuuut. See ... ?

Crowd loses the plot to Gregling's 26 minute Fields Of The Nephilim medley. Not.


A cracking preview for the night in City Life, see below. Manhattanchester in print! Who'da thunk it? ...

Polly Esther spinning 'Eisiger Wind' by LiLiPUT. Scream!

Being in the middle of the student heartland of Fallowfield on the Friday night of Fresher's Week and my posse still being the most drunken collective on the dancefloor. And there was some stiff competition. The drink deals at The Corner are fantastically seductive by the way ...

The shirt-swapping, followed by the rule that "Anybody who goes home in their own clothes is a failure and a bitch..."

Johnny Trash's filthy last hour which somehow swang from a Guns N Roses thrashfest to an outbreak of impromptu limbo competitions on the dancefloor. Class.

Dirty Trash Boys

Here's what I played at the witching hour set. Shameless aren't I? Those bitches loved it ...

UFO - The Wedding Present
Different Strokes - Syl Johnson
Burning Up - Madonna
I Cant Dance (To That Music You're Playin') - Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem
Nanny In Manhattan - Lilys
Bottle Rocket - The Go! Team
Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Hey Mami (Sharaz Mix) - Fannypack
Don’t Falter - Mint Royale
My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small
Candy Girl - New Edition
Intergalactic - Beastie Boys
Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Oliver’s Army - Elvis Costello
Buffalo Stance (Sukka Mix) - Neneh Cherry
He’s On The Phone - St Etienne
Magic Dance - David Bowie

Next Trash-O-Rama is on the 9th of October and every second Friday after that.

Join in.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Pop Curious? The Aftermath

Did I go out last night ...?

Despite a couple of technical drunken hitches which I like to think of as being an endearing part of my 'Wedding DJ' style, last night was great fun. Lovely punters and first-rate POP in the familiar comforting dinge of the Retro Bar. You really should find time to check it out. The next one will include a live appearance from The Imogen Styles and an airing of their new video.

It was I who got the punters dancing eventually, though this may have been to do with the 11.30 pm slot which meant an adequate skinful had been acquired, nevertheless ... The track that broke the dancefloor? 'I'm A Cuckoo' by Belle & Sebastian. Good work. Here's what I played:

West End Girls (Shep Pettibone Mix) - Pet Shop Boys
1 Thing - Amerie
Leave - VV Brown feat. Little Boots
I’m A Cuckoo - Belle and Sebastian
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
Sandcastle Disco - Solange
Clean Apart - thecocknbullkid
Lovefool - The Cardigans
Love To Hate You - Erasure
Take It Like A Man - Dragonette
A New England - Kirsty McColl
Cruel Summer - Bananarama
Two Of Hearts - Annie
Pink Sunshine - Fuzzbox
(Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew - Rock Steady Crew
This Charming Man (New York Vocal Mix) - The Smiths
Call Me - Spagna
Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal
Downtown - Dolly Parton

Monday, 21 September 2009

Pop Curious?

Roll up, roll up ...

New night Pop Curious? kicks off this Thursday at Sackville Sreet's glorious dive, the Retro Bar. All things pop - past, present and future, cheap in, cheap thrills, probably cheap punters too and me taking a turn on the decks to boot.




Check it out here:

AND an accompanying popzine to boot:

Mine is the cover versions piece, arguments most welcome.

Get involved!

Hope to see you there.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Wisdom, wit, insight, words

“My bedroom window can be seen from the viewing deck
of the World Trade Centre. I’ve seen it.
What I saw?

My roommate experimenting with my vibrator.
She looked lovely through sheer curtains
on my creamy bed. Is she thinking of me?
Brenda Shaughnessy

“All wars are wars among thieves who are too cowardly to fight and who therefore induce the young manhood of the whole world to do the fighting for them”
Emma Goldman

“The dream is over. It's just the same, only I'm thirty, and a lot of people have got long hair. That's what it is, man, nothing happened except we grew up”
John Lennon

“If you’re a sexist, a racist, a homophobe, don’t buy this CD. I don’t care if you like me, I hate you”
Kurt Cobain

“Protect me from what I want”
Jenny Holzer

“As I became a Smith, I used flowers because Oscar Wilde always used flowers. He once went to the Colorado salt mines and addressed a mass of miners there. He started the speech with, 'Let me tell you why we worship the daffodil'. Of course, he was stoned to death”

“Ken is an intellect born from within. His roots lie under the cobbles and the ghosts of his family are there”
William Roache

“Pray to God and say the lines”
Bette Davis

“I’m not nothing”
Muriel Heslop

“I stood on one leg and then the other reflecting how odd it was that whereas men like Mr Schultz and me folded our money neatly, no matter if our wad was thin or thick, women like my mother and little Rebecca squeezed theirs in a ball and held it, forgetting to let go, whether they sat in a distraction of candled grief with a shawl over their heads or lay on the ground and were fucked two times for a dollar”
E. L. Doctorow, Billy Bathgate

“You’re born naked and the rest’s drag”
Lily Savage

“You really can’t be something that you’re not”
Brett Anderson

“I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image”
Stephen Hawking

“I drive a Rolls Royce, ‘cos it’s good for my voice”
Marc Bolan

“Homosexuals are hated everywhere in the world”
Larry Kramer

“I do not hesitate one second to state clearly and unmistakably: I belong to the American resistance movement which fights against American imperialism, just as the resistance movement fought against Hitler”
Paul Robeson

“All music is folk music, I ain't never heard no horse sing”
Louis Armstrong

“Know thyself and thou shall know all the mysteries of the gods and of the universe”

“You better know yourself little girl”
Aisleyne, Big Brother

Monday, 14 September 2009

Trash-O-Rama !

New night! Thank god, I’m BORED.

Trash-O-Rama has come to rescue our over-stimulated recession-beat asses, courtesy of DJs Johnny Trash and Polly Esther.

Ethos: “We wanna have fun and look messy doing it!”

Official line:Trash-O-Rama is a brand new experience for all you club kids and deviants out there, coming to you from The Corner in Fallowfield to bring the trashiest, tackiest tracks from New York Punk, 80's Electro, Synthpop, Europop, Riot Grrrl, 60's Girl Groups, Trojan Records Reggae, Club Kid Anthems, Motown, Soul, Rock 'N' Roll, Americana, Garage, Kinderwhore, Grunge, Horrorpunk, Alt-Queer, Sock-Hop, Hardcore, Lo-Fi, She-Crunk, Lesbian Electro Rap, Songbirds, Covers, Kitsch TV Themes, Movie Soundtracks …

Cheap drinks. Second and last Friday every month, 10 till 2. £3 in £2 with a flyer.

See you all there Skrinks!!!”

Where: The Corner, 254 Wilmslow Road, Fallowfield, Manchester, M14 6LD


Review: Honest to goodness best night for ages. First up the venue is brilliant. A cool bar in Fallowfield? Trust me, it’s happening. Blame the Trof collective, they’ve done it again. Think of your favourite Lower East Side dive bar, a mix between The Cock and Mars Bar, only it’s a 142 bus trip away. Check out venue pics here.

The crowd was the biggest surprise. We figured since it’s student heartland down there the demographic would be predictable. Wrong! Students there were of course, beautiful and up-for-it they were too, but think also a mix of queer clubbers, friendly scallies, mid-life rockabillies, sleek Cliquesters who skipped Clique for the night, booze-hounds (us), random emos, table-dancing skirty girls … everyone was up for it, the dance floor never emptied, bar staff were lovely and even the bouncers were friendly. Win win …

Best bit of course was the music. We danced to the following in one sweaty sitting:

Hallelujah (Club Mix) - Happy Mondays
Trash - New York Dolls
Express Yourself - NWA
Jump In The Line - Harry Belafonte
Paper Planes - MIA
Digital - Joy Division
Shake A Tail Feather - The Five Du-Tones
Death Disco - PiL
Give Him A Great Big Kiss - Shangri Las
Two Of Hearts - Stacey Q
Jilted John - Jilted John
Devils Haircut - Beck
Trash - Suede
Goody Two Shoes - Adam & The Ants
Upside Down - Diana Ross
Funplex - B52’s
Only Love Can Break Your Heart - Saint Etienne
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Teardrops - Womack & Womack
Never Can Say Goodbye - Gloria Gaynor
Miss World - Hole
No Sleep Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys
Fade To Grey - Visage
Dirty Cash - Stevie V
Heartbeats - The Knife
You Got The Love - Candi Staton

Forget flyers boasting eclectic playlists, that’s the real deal ain’t it?

Preview: I liked it so much they asked me to join the collective so I’m going to grace the rickety decks for an hour at the next party on September 25th and I NEED you all there kids. 10 pm sharp, it’s a killer from the start!

Mine’s a Pernod and black with a fistful of flying saucers …

Out of town clubbing is the new crystal meth …

That's Skrink-la-do, to you …

See you there!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Texts are the new novels: Part 3

Okay I'm completely addicted to these. Even when they don't start off that funny the cumulative effect just has me on the floor eventually. Go on, tuck in ...

Dry it on the curtains

Swear to god I've just seen a guy who's in Triga Scally soccer orgy pushing a fucking pram up oldham street

I had to eat quiche and look at holiday photos off my box

I'm in bed with the yorkshire ripper

I’m doing my paper round

I'm gonna learn all the words to otto titsling

do i look like a spanner?

I'm on marie's side. You're a cunt.

Come for a drink then you won't have to look at his beautiful large ass

Question: If there was a pill to take to forget about him in between would you take it?

Is that a bar? I've never heard of it or you or manchester. *kills self*

Yeah. Thought as much. You're fucked and so am I.

God i can't WAIT to have a hangover

Oh. Em. Gee. Fit. Dad. Capital of britain.

I'm not eating spray cream straight from the can are you?

Just gonna go home and play 'This time i know it's for real'

Have been roaring laughing at memory of duncan from school calling a car a ‘fanny magnet’

Every time i open a window 800 flies pour in

I'd throw a milk bottle full of piss at her

the guy in Safad is the most beautiful sad world weary kebab guy in the whole of Manchester

Please google all gay bars in scarborough and text details asap

I am so drunk that milk has come out of my eyes

I've just been at the gym for 45 minutes watching jam and Jerusalem

Do you think i should just spray cream onto maltesers?

Music emergency! Go and listen to terrorvision doing perseverance. BRILLIANT. I'd love to hear it at Bollox.

If i look at a picture of this man one more time i am going to burn a hole in my screen

The website is designed by blind interns

Please note we are no longer dealing with diarrhoea or gonorrhoea as these are causing repetitive strain in the girls typing the invoices

Am in york with the hangover from hades

Just had angel delight for breakfast

I'm having a mai tai in OUR tiki bar! Wish you were here!

Totally shameful sight of four gays flirting madly with a mixologist

Go to a sauna. Art blows.

Mostly germans and jews and gays, oh my!

Oh my god i look like steve tyler from aerosmith

Woo! Craig no smoke without fire charles!

I have repeat visions of me sitting on the edge of the nasty candlewick bedspread. Alone.

I just read the rest of your foreskin posts

I'm sorry i live in such a monstrous place

My one pint turned out to be the size of a swimming pool

She chopped up her boyfriend in the bath. She's such an inspiration.

*prepares dance of the seven veils*

Kylie's not short, she's just far away

My opening chapter has been vastly improved. I'd not only publish me, I’d fuck me over the desk at random house. Dance break!

Can't you simply procure a standard issue plexiglass disease bubble from outpatients to roll about the streets in like a big hairy hamster?

just watched the scene in league where Ross fucks Pauline

CHOCOLATE PUDDING!!! *dry humps chair*

'She looks like she might burn down a plantation' is my favourite line

One time he escaped out of the bath, ran downstairs and straight into the patio doors. Didn't speak to us for days.

Were your massive big ears burning?

Went to WHSmith, bought a card reading 'Happy birthday to a nana who's loved lots and lots' and Attitude: The sex issue. As predicted i look like a methhead.

Come off it I've got suicide written right through me like the cheap stick of blackpool rock that i am