Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Everything Everything: Man Alive

If the past is a foreign country then Everything Everything are music’s arch-xenophobes. Man Alive arrives at last as the accomplished and relentlessly forward-looking debut we always knew it could be. This is genuine musical postmodernism: comprehensively informed, restless, full of mad juxtaposition. Where Radiohead’s postmodernism once came manifest as paranoia, alienation and technophobia, the Everything vision is a relentless thirst for stimulation, data, the ideas between other ideas.

The tracks you already know have new life breathed into them in the context of a full album. ‘Schoolin’’ is the brilliant earworm of white-boy r‘n’b meets X-Files theme. Old favourite ‘Suffragette Suffragette’ flaunts its dirty AC/DC riff like the bad tattoo you got in sixth form that suddenly feels cool again. ‘MY KZ, UR BF’, the greatest of four singles to date, takes its rightful place as album opener while ‘Photoshop Handsome’ spins addictive juddering Commodore 64 prog.

Jonathan’s Bowie-esque cut ‘n’ paste lyricism complements defiantly broad song structures, with their unexpected turns and eclectic layers of sound. It can sometimes seem like everyone in the band has at least two jobs, but blissful workouts like ‘Leave The Engine Room’ or the frenetic ‘Come Alive Diana’ can effortlessly give way to the tonal singularity of ‘Tin (The Manhole)’, which breathes four and half minutes of touching ambience through the album’s mad tapestry, or the sweet chamber harmonics of ‘Two For Nero’.

‘QWERTY Finger’ reminds you that, if they absolutely need to, they can, ‘rock’ in something like a traditional sense while ‘NASA Is On Your Side’ would make Kate Bush or Peter Gabriel proud, never mind any of their younger peers. ‘Weights’ is probably the greatest closing album track since ‘I Won’t Share You’ saw The Smiths go out in a veil of tears. Thank God this is just the beginning of it all.

Everything Everything have more than made good on a self-imposed remit to avoid cliché at all cost. The past is a foreign country after all, and modern life really is rubbish. Despite all that, Thom Yorke once proffered that you should ‘be constructive with your blues’. I would guess Man Alive is that record.

Friday, 20 August 2010


Ahead of the annual moneyspinner extraordinaire that is Pride, Queeruption brings some DIY ructions to the city. A series of events kicks off THIS SUNDAY 22ND AUGUST with an opening party at Rusholme's Saki Bar, two floors of performance, stalls, politics, bands, DJs, dancing and queer togetherness. Check out the other events below and via Facebook/Myspace, come down and meet the beautiful people. And if you've nowhere to stay you can camp! Queeruption Basecamp welcomes all. Details in the linkies below. See you there. Oh, and I'll be DJing at the opening party and whoring on the door.

Remember, we love you, we are not the same ...

"Brilliant party to celebrate QUEERUPTION erupting all over Manchester!

We've got both floors from 6pm - 2am, upstairs will be where our gaggle of performers hail and downstairs we'll have lounge music, distros and political stalls. All this untill 11 when the DJs come on!!

We'll see you there to start Queeruption with a gangbang xxx

Performers ...

JACKIE HAGAN (an astute, witty popular performance poet and a bit of a local queer poetry icon!)

J FERGUS EVANS (shit-kicking, boy-kissing activist-in-training and performance poet)

MARIA AND THE GAY (Merchants of noise pop perfection)

ZSA ZSA NOIR (Filthy trannylektro spacepig)

JOEY HATELEY (gender joker, famously BARRED from Liverpool pride)

STATEMENT HAIRCUT (Scouse knob twiddlers)

STE MCCABE (One Man Pop Punk Electro Queer Noise Machine)

WILL N RICK (mental experimental duo)

DJ's ...

GREGLING (Record/Dancefloor slut) & THOM (Scenester repellent)


It is going to be a little bit special!"

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Off The Hook

There's a temporarily empty basement space in the heart of the Village called 'Kitsch' which will soon be a restaurant but until then, this being Manchester after all, see a space, throw a party in it.

The first Off The Hook (playing a broad church of hip hop / r n b / soul sounds, old and new) was a massive unexpected success. Pulling in a totally Vicemag mix of bears, b-boys, drag queens and those young black under-cut-and-cool-glasses hipsters who bogle up at Gold Teeth, there was a sweaty orgy of vogeuing and bogling that finished up with a good old fashioned tranny dance off, won by a black French beauty in a bussle. I kid you not. Amazing scenes.

Anyway, I loved it so much I asked if I could guest DJ at the next and they said YES.

So come down, this Saturday night, August 7th, underneath Mongolian Barbecue, Richmond Street (it's the new Canal Street, donchaknow ...) and let the bass guide you ...

Expect to hear ... Ini Kamoze / Salt N Pepa / 50 Cent / Adeva / LL Cool J / TLC / Janet Jackson / Arrested Development / En Vogue / De La Soul / Janelle Monae / OutKast / Destiny's Child / Cookie Crew / Beastie Boys / MC Young / Jamelia / Jurassic 5 / Grace Jones AND MORE ... !