Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Fit indie boys

Pop kids all look like mobile phone salesmen these days, and those really interesting dancey collectives always turn out to be short aged club gnomes. Indie and R n B is where all the totty is. Let's start with some indie boys shall we? Brilliant, this is just like Smash Hits ...

Yannis Philippakis, Foals

Sufjan Stevens

Pete Silberman, The Antlers

Keith Murray, We Are Scientists

Justin Vernon, Bon Iver

Chet White, Girls

Fabrizio Moretti, The Strokes

Eamon Hamilton, Briitsh Sea Power / Brakes

Ben Goldwasser, MGMT

Anthony Gonzales, M83


rrrich said...

Get Devendra on there!!!


Unknown said...

I think it'll have to be a two-parter, I just discovered Ben from heartsrevolution too. I want a posted pull-out!