Thursday, 22 April 2010

Everything Everything Hurts

You know I only do this blog for two reasons don’t you? One is to demonstrate that I go out waaay too often, the other is to keep the world informed of how amazing Everything Everything are.



Not only can you see the band play next week in Manchester but they’re doing it as an NME double-header alongside Mancunian mysterions Hurts, whose ‘Wonderful Life’ has been one of my very favourite songs of late. The Arthur Baker mix of said track is one of my favourite remixes of all time. For real!

Not only that but support comes in the bearded form of New York’s Darwin Deez whose eponymous long player is just starting to seep nicely into my subconscious. Since he’s the only one with actual ‘product’ to shift right now, he’s definitely landed on his feet. Make sure you do too.

Persuaders below, tickets here.

Spine-tingling version of ‘NASA Is On Your Side’

'Wonderful Life' by Hurts

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