Monday, 30 March 2009

She's so fine ...

I can’t blog every gig I go to otherwise I’d have no life at all but I have to make special mention of V V Brown at the Ruby Lounge. My god that girl has got it going on *snaps fingers*

After the meandering Jameses Blunt vs Morrison vs Oldplay stylings of Go Gary (me no likey I’m afraid) V V Brown is a jukebox explosion of verve and sass and voice. She emerges resplendent in 50s Hawaii-print pant suit, miniature veiled hat and ubiquitous sausage-roll fringe, but no clothes horse she, she pogos, percussions, sweats, screams, hammers on a miniature drum kit and calls her ex-boyfriend an arsehole with a beautiful smile on her face.

The songs are the smartest of smart pop. ‘Crying Blood’, which we know and love, opens the show with a crazy Jerry Lee Lewis vibe but thereafter the excellent band pull styles from doo-wop to ska to diva balladeering, pitching V V somewhere between Shirley Bassey, Ronnie Spector and The Selecter. Gorgeous.

‘Leave’, the most recent single, is absolute pop gold but ‘Bottles’ is my personal favourite, she seems genuinely made-up that anyone else knows the words. The whole audience are smiling for most of the gig, people never smile at gigs. Absolutely fresh, sexy and charming, and just wait till you hear the new single …

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