Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Girls, girls, girls ...

After this sorry showing recently, I shook myself good and proper and delved into some much-loved lady music to redress the balance, and I'm so glad I did. Songs that have hit me like a ton of bricks include 'Dying' by Hole, 'These Colander Eyes' by Alison Moyet and the whole of PJ's Stories From The City ...once again. Outstanding newbies to me are Nina Simone's cover of 'No Woman, No Cry' (just, cry), Randy Crawford's Now We May Begin album. Madonna's first LP I haven't heard in years. and sounds amazing.. simply shit loads of great stuff. And album of the year at this halfway point? Still It's Blitz for me. Anyone heard anything better yet ...?


Helen of... said...

Hurrah for the ladies! I have to say I'm torn between It's Blitz, the Florence and the Machine album, and Peaches's latest one.

Btw, are you goin to the blog awards this year? Someone might have nominated you ;P


Gregling said...

Hello Lyndsey! Blimey I haven't seen you in yonks, will I ever again? *Sad face*

The Peaches last one needs a proper listen from me in fact. Re Flo, someone put 'Cosmic Love' on a compilation for me and hearing it out of context I was sort of blown away again. She's amazing. I wonder what's next for her? But YYY's are holding fast for me still.

Have been enjoying your playlists as ever, despite Spotify devouring them every so often, I think I might still be missing one in fact ... *investigates*

What, me?? Someone might have nominated you too flower! Hee hee. I'll probably not be going though, if you go I'd like you to collect the awards (plural) on my behalf or I may simply beam in a live message (something filthy with a web cam probs).


Helen of... said...

I know it sucks Greggles. Can we make proper plans for some drinks soon? In fact I'm gonna drop you a text now to sort sommit out!

I think both MC and I are goin, so we'll happily collect ALL your awards on your behalf :D