Saturday, 23 October 2010

Disco Bingo Pogo Radio

I can’t really remember what order any of the following happens, but at some point we make a fleeting visit to DISCO BABYLON, aka Pumping Iron at Common. This night needs a dancefloor, the music is amazing. Got a venue? Enquire within! Then it’s Off The Hook 3, the best of the Hooks to date where I play the ‘gig’ of my ‘career’. Ha. No seriously, I’m dead pleased with myself, I am now resident DJ along with Mr Anthony Crank, the crowd are amazing and totally up for it. Here’s some of what got played. At some point I play a special birthday mini-set for Polly Esther’s birthday spesh at Trash-O-Rama too, who are squatting like lovable new wave rugrats in the basement of the monthly Bollox at Legends. Performance! Punk! Pissy lager! Party people! At some point I take a serious hangover to Mother’s Ruin Bingo Night at the Green Room, hosted by Timberlina and Mrs Barbara Nice. Complete laugh. I win TWICE (multi-pack of Cadburys fudge, pair of stencilled knickers in a jar). The night finishes, as so many do these days, at The Eagle, where myself and my friends behave deplorably. I mean, they ought to take the vote away from us, and if I’d stuck to my original intention to keep this blog anonymous, I could tell all. As it is, you’ll have to wait for court transcripts.


I attend the Rambert Dance Company’s 'Awakenings' at The Lowry, my first contemporary dance experience, and it’s fantastic. I take part in a writing workshop about it where I write a very short story on the spot which I’m quite pleased with. A couple waiting for a train become dancers on a stage, the train tracks become the orchestra pit, the rumble of the oncoming train is the orchestra tuning up. I The wonderful Dave Haslam takes me to see The Vaselines who are terrific, part humble indie, part stand-up comedy routine. New album Sex With An X is a gem, ‘I Hate The 80s’ is riding high on my songs of the year. We go backstage and talk about Butthole Surfers. Eugene gives me a beer. I am quietly starstruck. My parents have been married for twenty-five years! Silver Wedding Anniversary! We have a party which is great fun. I appear on the radio for the first time, doing a queer arts rundown on Crank’s Gaydio show. Amazing month. Stay tuned for more ...

The Vaselines @ Deaf Institute

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