Thursday, 4 November 2010

Band On The Wall

Manchester City Council usually can’t wait to sell the pavement from under you, but not everything has succumbed to their greedy wrecking ball. Band On The Wall’s refurb was a triumph of good sense, not to mention dazzling kitsch design. A long-time stand-alone beacon of good music at the top end of the Northern Quarter, the neighbourhood is rapidly getting more popular and/or gentrified en route to embrace this old stalwart. Needless to say, they do proper good gigs up there now. Forthcoming are these two beauties to check out …

Hafdis Huld is an Iceland singer-songwriter with sweet cut-glass vocals, adventurous tale-telling lyrics and live shows that are never the same twice. Her new album is on Spotify and is a slow-burning gem, perfect for autumn nights. Settle into the season. Tickets here.

Hafdis Huld

Sleepy Sun peddle a big lush mix of garage rock, psychedelics and guitar crescendos. It’s like early Verve with the reverb even higher and some girl vocals to freshen things up. This one is mint, it has whistling in it:

Live is definitely the place to get the best out of their wall of sound. Tickets here.

Sleepy Sun

Get some scran from the Picturehouse Café Bar beforehand. Support this legend of a venue.

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