Thursday, 8 December 2011

It’s An Off The Hook Christmas

Off The Hook is in its second year. We’re toddling! Or is it bogling? Either way it’s hard to believe we’ve been sweating it on the dancefloor all that time with our amazing posse of hipsters and drag queens and bears (oh my).

Our formula is dead simple: African-American pop for North of England homos and their homies. That basically means if it’s got a good beat then we’ll chuck it in: hip-hop, RnB, disco, reggae, daisy age, dance energy, guilty pleasures, you name it.

Our heroes are Michael Jackson and OutKast and Prince and Flava Flav and Stevie Wonder and Eric B and Rakim and Jay Z and Wu Tang and Billy Ocean. Our Soul Mammas are Neneh Cherry and Queen Latifah and Janet and Salt N Pepa and Beyonce and Roxanne Shante and Aaliyah and Mariah and Amerie and Cookie Crew and Jamelia and Rihanna (we like our girls…)

We encourage: dressing up, bringing it, copping off.

We discourage: being cool, laying low, pale imitations.

So Christmas music is basically toilet, yes? WRONG. Everyone plays the same Yuletide crap year after year while the gems lie forgotten like broken Christmas lights at the bottom of the box. Well here's a bunch of sparkly Christmas tunes to restore your faith in that end of year groove. We couldn’t let the end of year slip by without a good list could we?

Get your full firm festive asses down to our Off The Hook Xmas Party and you can shake it to all of these and more. Our spesh guests star DJs this time are Matt Rothery and Dave Dobson, aka Wasp Nest. Check out the amazing mix they made for us right here.

... and then there's this....

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