Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Birdhouse Fund

What a terrific and terrifically simple initiative this is. The Birdhouse Fund is Manchester based and helps women get involved with fundraising events in a fun way to raise cash which is then given out in grants to other women in the area.

‘They may be women who’ve been held back by a lack of qualifications, a deprived background, or even a violent relationship. Often, they’ll need some help to get a leg up on life’s slippery ladder, and achieve their goal. That could be finishing a college course that will help them get a career going, learning new skills that will help them to cope more easily, helping them to find suitable work, or even setting them up in a safe place where the past can’t hurt them.’

Times are tough and even the most anti-feminist of newspapers admit that women are taking the brunt of the UK recession and joblessness. The Birdhouse Fund, affiliated with the Community Foundation for Greater Manchester, provides a simple and positive way to help local individual women to make a significant change.

Check out their message and contact details here.

The next fundraising event happens the 8th March, details here.

Go ahead and get involved...!

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