Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The Stone Roses


Okay I know I probably owe you like a squillion emails but I just had to tell you about this. Went to see The Stone Roses at Heaton Park on Friday with Sarah and Jono, except I kind of lost them early on and then my phone died. Sarah was wreeeecccccked, seriously, it was super funny!! So I ended up watching the band by myself which was kind of weirdly enjoyable. It was OKAY, not amazing, but the atmosphere was grand and sad and sort of wonderful. I was thinking of you a lot.  I wish I’d got my shit together and arranged a proper do but I just bought from ebay last minute.

The bar queues were so bad though, I ended up getting coffee and chips and some dry dry falafel. Preferable to waiting fifty minutes for four quid’s worth of warm zinfandel. First time I wanted a cig in MONTHS. It passed though. Ick. I bet the Roses weren’t drinking either. John was predictably astonishing, Ian hit not a single right note. Just read a review saying his voice wasn’t THAT bad. It WAS that bad though, seriously, and I’m on his side too. But my god the set list was MAGIC. They played the whole of the first album (yes, including Don’t Stop and Elizabeth), only two songs (I think) from Second Coming, but they played Mersey Paradise and Standing Here and Where Angels Play... I shed a couple of tears at the latter, I’m not gonna lie. 'Take a look around, there's something happening ...'

Primal Scream supported and they were bobbins. Saw them in Berlin last year and they were amazing then so don’t feel too bad about it. Every time the wind changed direction I couldn’t even hear them.

Remember at school when I basically made you sit that test about the Roses to see if we could be friends? What a douche. You should’ve lamped me.

Anyways, that’s all, thought I should email before the excitement ran out.

Hope all four of you are healthy and safe and happy happy happy.

Much love always



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