Wednesday, 31 December 2014


1.       Make peace with my sister
2.       Spend more time with my family
3.       Finish editing my novel and get it sent off to agents
4.       Don’t watch any more bad films
5.       Less online time-wasting and more productive and political social media
6.       Attend more cultural things, but be discerning
7.       Work hard
8.       Try and get out of debt, whatever it takes
9.       Stop biting my nails, but really stop this time
10.    Banish anxiety:  to be aided by next two resolutions:
11.    Drink less
12.    Learn more yoga (and keep up my physio)
13.    Read only quality fiction
14.    Destroy capitalism


Yay or Nay said...

I just wanted to say I feel like I have wrote this resolution apart that I am not going to make peace with anyone !but I am stubborn!

Greg Thorpe said...

Ha, well I did the first one already which I think was the hardest (apart from the last one!) :)

Yay or Nay said...

Oh Well done to you! ;) Good luck with the rest!