Wednesday, 28 May 2008


A postcard from romantic Italy. "The incomparable Giotto frescoes ... How triumphantly his figures vibrate with life. Yours truly, J. Brodie”…’

‘This is a picture of the Ponte Vecchio, “The old bridge". There's a famous painting of Dante meeting Beatrice ... It is pronounced "Beatrichi" in Italian, which makes it very beautiful … meeting Beatrice on the Ponte Vecchio. He fell in love with her at that moment. It is not unlikely that we shall never know that Beatrice reminded Dante sharply, in that moment when he first saw her, of an old love, a lost love, a sublime love, and he was seized with such a longing, such longing...’

‘He is there for any passer-by to gaze upon and be uplifted …’

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