Friday, 1 August 2008

New Wakefield Street Graffiti


Anonymous said...

Hello! Shang-A-Lang fella here. Somebody just directed me here to where you were so sweet about my blog but that was MONTHS ago.

I used to live in Manchester, too! Remind me, where is Wakefield Street again?

This is GOOD WORK.


Gregling said...

Hello, and bless you for your kindesses. I've been meaning to write and say thanks for providing me with many happy hours of reading. I'm working on a novel at the minute which precludes reading any fiction and your blog has given me no end of succour and laughs in its place, you're a teriffic writer you know. Also thanks for reminding me of the existence of the St Etienne movie which I dug out on your recommendation and LOVED.

New Wakefield is the tiny wee street that runs from Oxford Rd at the bridge by the Palace Hotel where the Thirstay Scholar pub is, down to Gt Marlbrough St. It has Font and Space bars on it, the latter used to be Generation X. Cracking little street it is too.

Lovely to hear from you!