Friday, 22 August 2008

Pride: 10 reasons not to

1) Balloons are pollution

2) Three emails and a phone call to find out if they’d let me into the HIV/AIDS vigil without paying for a wrist band. ‘Yes, of course.’ If it’s that obvious why did she have to check with so many people? I’ll be bringing her printed reply with me, just in case …

3) Anti-gay laws in 80 countries and pride of place for the police on the march again. Talk about symbolic.

4) LGBT: The T stands for Trans, of the sexual and gendered variety, and where are the Trans events at 2008 Pride?

5) It’s the only Big City Pride that’ll cost you.

6) We’re ghettoised into the Village the rest of the year, and during our weekend we have to pay for the privilege. Why can’t the whole city be ours for one day?

7) Only 18 % of ticket sales cash went to charity last year. In fact Customs and Excise say Pride hasn't been a charity since 2003.

8) Supposedly half a million quid to charity for every EIGHTY million in additional profit to the city’s businesses.

9) What if you don’t like house music, commercial POP, alcohol, dancing, CAPITALISM? Keep out of ‘your’ Village I guess …

10) Because I’m ALLOWED to not like it, aren’t I?


Anonymous said...

I think you're having a wee bit of trouble with your HTML there. I hate that shit.

Anonymous said...

I just realised you have a 'Buy Tickets for Pride 08' Google Ad at the top of your blog.