Saturday, 27 September 2008

Youtube cover versions

You know how it is, you're supremely talented but just too damn special to even get onto X- factor. So what do you do? Simply broadcast your extraordinary gift via Youtube instead. It usually goes something like this: 'I was bored so here's a video of me doing 'Enter Sandman' on my clarinet, will somebody give me a thousand pounds please?' It would just be too easy to put the five most hideous offerings up here, so instead I set myself the task of finding ten genuinely excellent cover versions out there in the ether. Not to get all Victoria Wood on you but I really have never seen so many untidy bedrooms and nasty pelmets in my life. Anyway, God himself couldn't find ten outstanding covers on there so here's five, and don't think they were easy to come by. Enjoy ...

'Boxing' by Ben Folds Five

'Fox in the Snow' by Belle & Sebastian

'Hometown Glory' by Adele

'Babooshka' by Kate Bush

'Motion Picture Soundtrack' by Radiohead


Anonymous said...

You must have wayyyy to much time on your hands dear boy.

There are loads of videos on t'Tube of this guy covering Mansun songs with his head out of shot, who sounds exactly like Paul Draper. Paul always links to them in his blog as a joke. I would be suspicious, apart from in this one the guy is wearing a Chelsea top and Paul supports Everton. Jeez, I should be a detective.

Gregling said...

It's SO him, in fact I've seen Paul Draper commenting on Mansun youtube videos in the past, it's a little bit sad. They were in my top 5 live appearances for ages, they were such an outstanding band. I was completely in love with them, my 2 favourite bands at the time were Suede and Verve and they were named after a Verve b-side and wore Suede necklaces, I was in heaven! Have you noticed I have posted the French Belle & Sebastian boy before, I am a little bit in love with him.

Anonymous said...

Nah, I really don't think it is him. Here's his blog though if you fancy a read:

He wrote a couple of massive blogs which aren't on there about 'Six' which are well worth a read as well. Truly the most bizarre album of the 90s. Again, totally jealous that you got to see Mansun live.

I haven't watched the B&S cover. I'll have a look later.

Phil said...

Aw, to the Adele cover artist. She is sweet.