Wednesday, 1 October 2008

John Peel Night

Roll up, roll up … This month’s Are Friends Eclectic? pays tribute to the wonderful and sadly-missed Mr John Peel and the brilliant music he gave to us all. Tracks will be dusted off and aired from Peel’s very favourite bands, the groups he got you all listening to via his show, classic highlights from Peel sessions through the years, and general Peel-inspired Peel-approved indie punk alternative lo-fi messiness that you can dance to. PLUS my very own DJ booth debut with a very special setlist of cracking indie tunes, forgotten gems and modern killers. Cheap in, cheap at the bar, lovely people, and the spirit of Peel in the air. DON’T STAY HOME!!


Anonymous said...

Hey there DJ Greg T. Would've hoped for a more exciting DJ name, I think you should put it out to tender. My own suggestion would be Gregory T Jazzbags. That'd get the kids in. Is the night regular? I can't make this one due to the 200 mile travel issue but would like to come up while I'm in Derby, before I leave the country on Nov 5th if possible. So when is the next AFE?
I hope you're playing some Fall and don't forget about !!! Bend over Beethoven, its the shiny shit and transcends all genres by punching you directly in the major punkfunk organ.

Gregling said...

Hello sir, I was christened without my knowledge by Kirsty and Keith, I wanted to be Jazzy Chip Janet MC. Or maybe just Mr T, I am a large black fella after all. AFE is first Thursday of every month, would be spiffing if you could mkae the next one. The Fall is cued up and ready to go, I will check out !!! ASAP, my organ is ready. x