Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Girls played at the Deaf Institute in Manchester in March 2010

He is about the same size, shape and weight as his bleached-wood Rickenbacker. He wears bright orange flares with pale green Doc Martens and a hugely oversized patterned woollen jumper. His hair is an outrage. Even though Girls is his baby, Christopher Owens occasionally looks to bassist Chet White for some kind of reassurance, but White plays with his eyes closed. When Christopher looks at me I smile. He smiles too but at his fretboard.

I’m wriggling with anticipation over ‘Lust For Life’, my song of 2009, but just as much for ‘Morning Light’, which is more or less how My Bloody Valentine would interpret Sonic Youth’s ‘Mote’. It can only have been curtailed when it was committed to the album, it is hard and lurid and psychedelic. ‘Lust For Life’ is such a touching piece of music, live it is grimier and lovelier than the record. At this point I want to buy Christopher a whiskey. Christopher drinks whiskey for his throat. Last time he was in Manchester he drank too much whiskey and then too much of everything. He met Mike Joyce and was deeply excited. Lucky Mike Joyce.

‘Morning Light’ goes right under my ribs and stays there, it is the loudest, densest, wooziest thing you can experience that hasn’t anything to do with techno and ketamine. I consider it amongst the finest things humanity can do with electric guitars.

Here is the set list:

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