Monday, 23 June 2008

Things to see and do: Queers, Punks, Art, Skins, Trannies

It’s never going to stop raining you know. Short of moving to Fresno I suggest you quit whining, zip up that dishy cagoule and get out there. Things to look forward to include …

Queers Support Ladyfest
26th June
Gig night at TV21 with excellent line-up of local talent, held to raise cash and awareness for forthcoming Manchester Ladyfest.
“Performing are queer disco punk terrorists Vile Vile Creatures, sarcastic political pop-punkster Ste McCabe, Manchester's finest riot grrrl flavoured punk rock 3-piece Hooker and brand spanking new grrrl-blues from Girls Who Hold Hands. Also newly added to the line up is the most fabulous comedy-gothic-drag performer Faby Licious. Make sure you don't miss Queers Support Ladyfest or you will miss out, it's gonna be the queer gig of the year!!”

Are Friends Eclectic?
3rd July
Second outing of monthly night of top bollocks music at Retro Bar, themed for your dancing pleasure with live bands to boot. This month, PUNK!
“July's night is for all you punx out there, we have a live set from The Smears and we'll be playing all the best of anarcho, skin, oi, crust, trash and femme punk.”

12th July
Sexy art happenings in the city in an admirable attempt to disrupt the everyday and MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN.
“A micro-festival of incidental intervention and sited performance, with a hint of mischief! Chance encounters, random occurrences and risky ventures around and about the city centre. Cheeky, thought-provoking and sometimes raunchy sprees of eccentricity…”

Manchester Skin Weekend
27th, 28th and 29th June
Coinciding beautifully with Sparkle (below), the fourth annual Gay Skin Weekend is in town to show the two ends of the gender spectrum living harmoniously side by side. Maximum 3 mm crop please lads. Anybody going to both I wonder?

27th, 28th and 29th June
Fourth annual trans festival, three days of partying, support and dressing your best in and around the Village. Start praying for sunshine.
“A weekend festival of all things transgender, with a fun mix of both social and support activities. Includes talks, workshops, meals, clubs, information and so much more.”

If you’d like me to mention an event, drop me a line at and I’ll do a round-up every so often.

A random selection of Cocteau Twins from I doubt this band could be any more wonderful. They mange to put you through the emotional wringer even though I’ve no idea what their songs are really about (does anyone?). History will rank Liz Fraser alongside Kate Bush for the purity and innovation of her singing. Where the hell is her solo album? Also I’ve just heard
her duet with Jeff Buckley for the very first time and it has almost made me blub. I’ve name-checked it on her Wikipedia entry, for the world must hear it. ‘It’s okay to be angry, but not to hurt me …’ God bless Jeff.

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