Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Suede are back ...

What to believe in, it’s impossible to say …’

But no, it’s really happening, Suede are reforming for a one-off charity gig at the Royal Albert Hall in March and thanks to two wonderful wonderful people, I have a ticket. It will be Suede 2.0 of course, Bernard will never be coaxed back for guitar duties now, nor for The Tears I suspect, should anyone ever ask.

I will have to consult the dusty archives but I reckon this will be lucky Suede gig number thirteen for me. I have blogged about my love affair with these boys before so you can imagine just how excited I am. Maybe you can’t. It’s eighteen years since I first saw them play. How have I gotten so old? If you start going to gigs aged thirteen it certainly helps age you, in more ways than one.

I saw Brett play solo last night at Manchester Student Union (a smaller venue than I ever saw Suede in) and in typical Suede-esque tradition the songs are a far better prospect live than on record. Brett’s voice is as clear, camp and cutting as ever, perhaps more so, the Albert Hall is going to be superb, I can feel it in my joints.

So here’s my dream set list for the evening …

Be My God
Painted People
Asda Town
Poor Little Rich Girl
He’s Gone
Implement Yeah!
Where The Pigs Don’t Fly
Brass In Pocket

Eno’s Introducing The Band

‘LOLZ’ etc. I’m kidding of course. Here’s the real thing …

The Drowners
Beautiful Ones
So Young
The Wild Ones
Killing Of A Flashboy
Animal Nitrate
Still Life

My Insatiable One
We Are The Pigs
The Next Life

See you in London …

‘We’ll stick like sick on the stars …’

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