Friday, 30 March 2012


You ‘eard ...!

Islington Mill, Friday 27th April...

2 rooms, 7 DJ collectives, 6 hours of partying ...

Street Tuff Room, featuring ...

Trash-O-Rama: Homoelectric/Bollox Residents & spinners of fine trax in their own right. Expect guilty pleasures & trax to end all parties.

Wasp Nest: Eclectic DJ duo Matt & David currently rock the decks at Soup Kitchen. Expect techno & glitchy dub.

Raw Like Sissy & Friends: RLS have made well-received guest appearances at Bollox & TOR. Expect dutty beats & a UKG revival.

No Womb: The goils of NW have raided their teenage music collection for a whole of host of nights including TOR. Expect 90s dance & pop, nothing is out of bounds.

Ready To Werq Room, featuring ...

Drunk At Vogue: The House Of Popular Disco. Mixing Manhattan Chic with Mancunian Cheek. Expect disco vibes & classic house.

Niall Xtravaganza: Niall flexes his musical muscle for Menergy/Tranarchy/Bang The Box...phew. Expect the cuntiest of beats & Hi-NRG pounders.

Andy Gott: Bollox flavour of the month & worshipper of all things DJ. Expect lots of 80s soul pop & divacore galore.

Only £5 in all night!

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